MIUI 9 is based on a deeply optimized Android mobile operating system. It has not changed too drastically since MIUI 8, so you are stepping into a familiar territory pretty much. However, Xiaomi did add a lot of new features, altered the design a bit and fixed bugs — everything to let you experience MIUI like never before.

System Performance Optimization

Xiaomi integrated a dozen of system performance optimization technologies in MIUI 9. The latest MIUI software offers more natural movements, making it feel a bit less abrupt than before. Here is the whole list of improvements that MIUI 9 has.

Probably the fastest Android-based OS

Android is known among the users for being a stable and fast operating system. MIUI 9, which is a custom Android overlay, is no exception. A set of improved optimization techniques allows to improve the memory usage and reduce the amount of time required to start a new process. Thus applications in MIUI 9 launch fast, no matter if they are system applications or third-party applications.

As you know, when you use the smartphone the system runs multiple applications and services at the same time. Every application consumes RAM, slowing system down. For example, when you browse the web, but you are downloading the video in the background, you may experience hiccups with the internet browser. MIUI 9’s dynamic resource allocation technology allows the smartphone to give priority to system resources for the apps that are in use at the moment. Even if there are multiple applications running in the background, the app you are using right now will work smoothly.

Animated icons

One of the most important changes MIUI 9 compared to MIUI 8 is the visual design. The app icons, for example, are animated. When you interact with the icon, you get an animated response. And how often did you want to back to an app and click a static boring button? How about a button that responds in a funny way each time you click it?

Advanced image search

MIUI 9’s improved algorithms to finding images are amazing. Its internal search engine can not only recognize a text in a WeChat conversation screenshot or some document, even if it saved as image, but also lets you find specific people on your own images based on the keywords you used to describe them, as well as find locations or objects on your images the same way. How cool is that?

Smart assistant

A long press in any application of the MIUI 9 triggers the system’s smart assistant. It keeps an eye on the content that is being shown on the screen and offers to launch a matching application. Say, you are in WeChat discussing the weather with friends. A long press summons the assistant that suggests to open a weather app or offers a clothing store app where you can buy weather-appropriate clothing. It breaks phrases into words and meaningful word clusters so you could select the most relevant word for search and personalize the desired search result even further.

Split screen

Each MIUI version appealed to users with pretty impressive tricks. MIUI 9 has a trick up its sleeve as well and it is called a split-screen function. What you can do with it is run two apps side by side on the display and no matter if it is a tablet you have or a smartphone. It is a great feature if you want your social media accou to be visible while you are watching a movie or browsing the internet, or when you want to compare prices in two online stores to get the best buy.

Notification sectioning

Another significant usability is the new notifications system. MIUI 9 arranges notifications in sections that are depicted in descending order of importance. The system will help you prioritize the value of push-notifications so that the most important ones will keep at the top of the notification panel until you read them.

Silent mode

MIUI 9 lets you mute notification with just two taps. Now the Silent mode and Do not disturb mode buttons share the same drawer with the volume controller, but they are as simple and as convenient to manage. Pull the drawer down and choose if you want to have total silence or continue receiving notifications for an alarm clock or some important notifications.